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This blog is all about my journey as a school teacher librarian. I like to write about student voice, collaborations, and technology. Below is a list of categories that help organize my articles and reflections.

Collaborations, Classes, & Programming
Fearlessly Flying Outside of the Library Box (Our 5th time to present Fearless by Eric Blehm) (2016)
Arkansas Department of Education Library Feature (Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse) (2016)
So Far in September 2016... (2016)
Teen Read Week 2016 (2016)
Library Orientation Breakout EDU (2016)
Breaking Out of Normal Professional Development (2016)
Disability Awareness Program (2016)
Read Across America 2016 (2016)
An Hour of Code Awakens the Library in grades K-6 (2016)
When Things Fall Apart Again (2015)
The Dust Bowl Collaboration Blows in Again (2015)
The Crucible Collaboration (2015)
Our First Collaborative Library Commercial (2015)
Google Hangout with four Spanish Classes in the Library  (2015)
Two ways we brought music into the Library during Lunch (2015)
Our first Mystery Skype (2015)
The Great Gatsby Collaborative Library Program returns in 2015 (11th grade English) (2015)
How we used Twitter in the library while teaching research skills (2015)
Collaboration sharing research tools with 8th Grade English (2015)
Movie Night @ The Library (2015)


Technology & Conferences

Innovation Spaces

Student Led Activities & Student Voice

Library Organization & Management

How I used Microsoft Sway for our annual report (2016)
The Value of Summer Library Services (2016)
Create a Library Sign-In with Google Forms (2016)
Four Ways to Lead from the School Library (2016)
How 6 Picture Frames made a difference in the School Library (2016)
The Flexible School Library: Creating a 21st Century Space for our Learners (2016)
6 Ways to become more Indispensable (2016)
Why you should add Twitter Analytics to your Library Statistical Reports (2016)
A New Year of Goals and Celebrations (2015)
Finding Value in the Tedious Tasks (2015)
Confessions of a School Library Media Specialist at the End of Summer (2015)
It's not too Late to Send that Annual Report (2015)
So you are a new School Librarian... Now What? (2015)
How learning about Walt Disney changed my life this summer (2015)
Are Libraries still relevant? (2015)
Lead the way to "finish the race strong" from the School Library (2015)
No walk in the PARCC: Stay Positive! (2015)

Library Advocacy & Miscellaneous

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