Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Are Libraries Still Relevant?

I have started another educational adventure this summer. I have wanted to start an American Library Association (ALA) accredited Master of Library Science degree for several years. I finally took the plunge to return to graduate school since our high school will begin offering an associate's degree program this fall. I thought it might be interesting to pursue the training of an academic librarian to better serve our students at Lakeside High School. I began study at the University of North Texas today in my first graduate course since 2009. One of the first discussion topics the professor brought up in the Web Institute class was "Why are libraries still needed?"

This is not a topic I generally ponder in my daily mission as a school library media specialist. It is one we all need to consider since there are many people that think technology and the Internet have made the library an outdated resource. Because of this threat, we should strive to make our library programs indispensable.

Think of the services and expertise that professional librarians offer. There are so many things librarians do on a daily basis that we (and others) may take for granted. Consider for a moment the myriad of jobs librarians are tasked to do:

  • Connect patrons to print and electronic resources. 
  • Teach a variety of skills to patrons, from using an OPAC to utilizing search techniques on databases and search engines. 
  • Help patrons find answers to questions. 
  • Manage libraries and library staff (both paid and volunteer). 
  • Create webpages and content with users in mind. 
  • Collaborate with teachers, patrons, and other guests. 
  • Program a variety of sessions and events to draw people inside the physical library. 
  • Advertise on social media. 
  • Serve as technology support and consultants. 

The list of jobs goes on.

The importance of libraries has never been greater due to the increasing number of resources. Libraries connect people, technology, and information. Libraries add value to our patrons. Libraries matter.

Go here to see how one of our students described the school library.

Go here for an example of a way I shared technology with teachers last summer.

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