Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two Alumni Visit The Library To Give Tips For College!

One of our high school English teachers asked me if I might be interested in her son and his friend (who are now sophomores in college) coming by to give students some pointers they have learned after a year and half in college. We are always looking for new ways to engage our students through lunch programming in the library, especially student led programs. This was perfect! All too often students hear adults telling them how to succeed in college.  By the time they are juniors and seniors, it has to get old for them. Students greatly prefer hearing from peers! These two alumni haven't been gone from our school that long, so they are still familiar to our students.

I shared the possibility with the library staff, and they loved the idea. We requested that they present two sessions so that all our library visitors in grades 8-12 could hear their tips. I couldn't wait for this program to happen!

Both sessions went great. The presenters talked about the importance of good note taking practices, turning in work on time, and being responsible. They told their audiences that professors are there to present information to classes, and success in college is dependent on the individual student. My favorite bit of wisdom was when one of our presenters told his listeners that there are three main things in college: social life, making grades, and sleep. He told students they can only choose two.

The library staff feels confident that these two young men made a great impression on their audiences. We are grateful for the time these two gentlemen gave up for this presentation! They certainly made this one of our favorite library lunch programs of 2014-2015! I encourage all teacher librarians to recruit local alumni to present programs such as this! We will seek similar opportunities for the future!

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