Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Great Gatsby Collaborative Library Program Returns in 2015 (11th Grade English)

On January 18, 2015, The Great Gatsby collaborative event returned to the Lakeside High School Library Media Center.

Mrs. Misti Bell, LHS Library Media Specialist, is the author this blog entry!

“The party has begun.” –from The Great Gatsby
Once again the LHS Library Media Center teamed up with the 11th grade class to experience Gatsby.    Previously, this event was held as a culminating Common Core enrichment activity; however, this year the students were in the process of reading the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.  Our goal for this collaboration was to bring the 1920’s to our students, giving them the opportunity to experience the tastes, sounds and images from the era.  The library was transformed into an extravagant party decked out in elegant gold and black.

The learning stations remained the same; however, due to student suggestions, we did extend the time for Dance the Charleston.  Our learning stations consisted of: an Art Deco Gallery, a Charlie Chaplin silent film, a Prohibition/Speakeasy video, a Gatsby iPad game, Dance the Charleston, and the Garden Party.  Once again, the students enjoyed learning and dancing the Charleston and sampling the decadent foods prepared by Chartwell’s, our food service company. 
The Charleston Dance Station

The Charlie Chaplin Movie Station

The Gatsby Garden Party Station

The Gatsby Garden party Station

Many thanks to Jerrie Stanage, 11th grade English teacher; Chartwell’s; our Lakeside admin team; our Lakeside School Board members and our LHS Library Media staff for pulling off another successful collaborative learning event! 

Mrs. Jerrie Stanage (left) poses with one of her students!

“I like large parties, they’re so intimate.” –from The Great Gatsby

Do you want to see the Gatsby collaborative library program from last year? Go here!

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