Thursday, January 8, 2015

Student Led 3D Printing Presentation

Our school provided us with a new 3D Printer during the summer of 2014. It has been a fascinating tool for our learning community. Since school started in the fall, we have made it available to students. We have a makerspace on Thursdays after school for students that want to try the printer. Our most successful students have been in our EAST program. Several of these student teams have designed and printed projects. Three particular students have worked with the device so much, I asked them to present about the printer during a library lunch program.

The students quickly agreed! They brought me an outline proposal for what they intended to present. They decided to give a description of the printer, a discussion of the 3D software they have used, and actually print items to give away at the end of the session. Since it was close to the holidays, they decided to print two snowflake ornaments.

I have noticed that student led programs have been among the most successful in my time as a library media specialist. We on the library team are always looking for opportunities to have students present their knowledge and skills.

In the future I will write more about our progress with 3D printing. I will also share more about other successful student led programs.

Check out our 3D printed Valentine's Day themed figures we gave away during a lunch program here!


Go here for an article about our student led summer book club from 2014.

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