Saturday, February 14, 2015

3D Printing Fun For Valentine's Day

Here is a quick idea for those of you that have 3D Printers! We decided to print 3D figures to give away to students during lunch in both of our library facilities at Lakeside High School on Friday, February 13th. Makerbot's Thingiverse always has cool new 3D project files waiting to be downloaded to print! I found a small stick figure holding a heart that was perfect for a Valentine's Day theme! I sized it down so it could print within a 45 minute period. 

We finally decided to print the figures in white

We were able to have the printer going in the library, so students could see it working each period. The intent was to inspire them to try our makerspace time on Thursdays after school! We want them to learn to use this 21st century tool!

The students loved watching the 3D Printer work!
One of our winners during the lunch drawings!

Our library assistant, Peggy Schaeffer had the idea to color the heart with a pink Sharpie!

The idea was a success, and we have decided to do more programs like this in the coming weeks!

Check out our student led 3D Printer presentation here.

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