Friday, February 13, 2015

Students "Teach The Teachers" Prezi At Lunch In The Library

We take for granted how savvy most students are with technology. We decided to tap into this skill-set by inviting a few of our students to present technology to teachers during lunch in the library. We decided to call the program "Teach The Teacher" or T3. At our school, many teachers still have students create PowerPoint presentations as a research product. We have been encouraging them to try Prezi for several years now. Some teachers are beginning to use Prezi in the classroom! We thought that this would be an excellent first session for "Teach The Teacher".

Mr. Brooks Lee asks a question about Prezi
I asked two students that are regulars in the library to consider leading this first program. They quickly agreed to present! I had them give me an outline of what they would share. 

We sent out invitations to teachers over email (complete with the banner above designed by Mr. Ray Borel, LHS Library Assistant). We had three teachers attend the session. They all enjoyed the presentation and two of them got excited about trying Prezi in the future for classroom projects!

Riddhi and Zoey discuss Prezi

Consider using students for technology presentations! We look forward to doing more of these in the future. Glogster, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker would be great candidates for "show and tell" type student led presentations!

Check out our student led 3D printer presentation here.

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