Thursday, March 19, 2015

No Walk In The PARCC Part 1: Stay Positive!

Recently, the PARCC test has been a strain on our school in both personnel requirements and technology resources. I have been serving as a test administrator for the past two weeks. This will continue with few breaks from March 9-May 22nd! All of our teachers and students feel the stress of the end of the year. Testing always adds to this! Since we aren't one to one with devices at our school, we have had to use all available computer labs to test our large population of grades 8-10. If you feel similar stresses in your school role, I would like to offer some ideas to stay positive while testing during the last part of the school year.
A recent infrastructure test  & training session in the library

1. Remember you are important to the function of the school even when testing. There is a reason you have been selected to help administer exams. It's because you make a difference! It's also due to the fact that school leadership knows you do a good job.

2. If you have a long stretch of testing, try not to look at the full testing window. Instead, take it day by day. I get overwhelmed if I think about 6-7 weeks of testing in addition to my regular responsibilities. I like to think minute by minute and day by day.

3. Give yourself short term rewards. This advice comes from one of my co-workers! Look forward to a special lunch or taking your spouse out to eat on a certain evening during a busy test week.

4. Remember that students need your help. Even though administering a test might not be what you "signed up for", this is still a great opportunity to help students. I enjoy helping them with procedures and tech issues during testing. If you stay positive, it will be contagious.

5. Get rest. A rested body can deal with the requirements of testing better than one that fights fatigue.

6. People may look to you to see how to respond. You are probably a natural leader in your building, especially if you are a teacher librarian or technology specialist. If you have a bad attitude, it will catch on. Great attitudes catch on too. Read motivational quotes during these stressful periods. It will make a difference!

This is a quote I found on

"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome."- William James

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