Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Two Ways We Brought Music Into The Library During Lunch

The Lakeside High School Jazz Band performs in the library during lunch
I love trying new things in the library as we approach the end of the school year. Students and teachers are weary of the normal "grind" with end of year activities and testing. I was so glad to get a text message from one of our band directors asking me to check dates in the library for the jazz band to perform during lunch! We jumped at this opportunity to have live music in the library! The jazz band could only perform during our grades 10-12 lunch period, but that was fine. We knew we could come up with something else for the grades 8 and 9 lunch period.

The jazz band performed big band classics along with more modern, popular tunes. Our student patrons certainly enjoyed this change of pace! They also invited me to play a solo with them (I was a band director for 12 years, and I still enjoy playing the saxophone!).

Students have enjoyed "Vintage Vinyl Cafe" for 3 years now!
During the 8th and 9th grade lunch period, we decided to bring back a program we have done many times. We play records for the students during lunch and call the program "Vintage Vinyl Cafe"! I brought an assortment of records including Stan Getz (jazz), Maynard Ferguson (jazz), The Beatles (rock), and Elvis Presley (rock).

We projected the record on a big screen for the turntable spin effect!
During lunch I showed them how records worked on the turntable. I also took a document camera and projected the video of the turntable moving on our big projection screen (so the students could experience the effect of the record spinning). It was a great success! One student even got up and danced like Elvis Presley during the playing of Jailhouse Rock!

I encourage you to reach out to your music groups on campus to arrange for library performances. Many directors will jump at the opportunity to have an extra run through before their spring concerts. I encourage you to think about playing records, too! It is a great way to talk about vintage technology and history in the library! We have also invited community guests to come in and play their records.

If you are looking for other ways to bring music into the library, click here to look at our Holiday Hangout with a school in north Arkansas via Google Hangouts.

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