Friday, October 16, 2015

The Crucible Collaboration

Mrs. Misti Bell, LHS Library Media Specialist, presents this installment of Library Media Tech Talk. She and 11th grade English teacher, Mrs. Jerrie Stanage, collaborated for a second year on this wonderful student led program:

The Crucible Event:  The Mock Trial of Abigail Williams
by Misti Bell

Abigail Williams is NOT a witch!  On September 30th, 2015 the junior English classes participated in our second annual mock trial of Abigail Williams.  After reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller, students selected roles from the play, created costumes and scripts, and portrayed the characters.  

The students were divided into defense, prosecution, witnesses, jury, bailiff, and judge; the judge being the most powerful player in the court.  Students, teachers, and principals were placed in the stock when the judge deemed them “out of order”!   

The defense and prosecution prepared witnesses and plead their cases.  No court room drama can be complete without a surprise witness or two, exciting revelations, biting testimonies, and some surprising adlibs! 

Based on the arguments presented by both sides, the jury was asked to determine the guilt or innocence of Abigail Williams.  It was an overwhelming  “not guilty” verdict for Miss Williams this year, surprising the court!  This was a fun culminating activity that provided students an opportunity to be creative and explore both sides of an argument.  Special thanks to Attorney Lance Garner for presenting and consulting with students as they prepared to have court. Thanks to LHS English teachers Mrs. Jerrie Stanage, Mrs. Jennifer Garner, Mrs. Hayden Shamel, and Mrs. Melissa Vetter for this collaboration! 

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