Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Africa Day Collaboration- 10 Grade English

This program was created by Mrs. Heather Slay (10th Grade English), Mrs. Misti Bell (Library Media Specialist), and Mrs. Peggy Schaeffer (Library Assistant). Mrs. Slay wanted to create a program in the Library Media Center that would bring the culture of Africa to our school learning community. We had several meetings to plan this large event. The students had read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe as a class. It was decided this would be a two day event.

The first day featured a parent guest speaker (Dr. Igbokidi) who also happened to be from Nigeria. She shared information with the students about the culture and traditions of her home country. She addressed the entire 10th grade class during a special lunch program in the auditorium.

The second day was conducted in the Library Media Center. We had several different learning stations (each focused on a different part of African culture).

African Tribal Masks (created by our Art Club). This was a student led station. The student presenter described the different meanings of each color and design on the masks.

Click here for a short video "commercial" of the event.

Africa Mosaic - Students would tear small pieces of construction paper and glue it on a map of Africa. We saved the finished product and will display it in the program next school year.

Gallery Walk- this station had different works of art from Africa. We also had a teacher donate African artifacts for this display (for the day). 

Video station- this station featured a video showing the importance of rhythm in the African culture.

Taste of Africa- our food service department (Chartwells) prepared African cuisine for all students to sample in the courtyard outside the library.

Tribal face painting- some students from our Art department painted students' faces with traditional African tribal designs.

Mrs. Bell invited a local musician from the community (True Mark Alisandre) to come and perform during lunch. They brought an assortment of African percussion. Many students joined in the fun!

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