Thursday, July 3, 2014

Debate Library Collaboration Project- 9th Grade Civics

Debates in the Library Media Center

This project was designed by our 9th Grade Civics teachers (Mrs. Linda White and Mr. Joe Hobbs).

Curriculum connection: More student-led projects are needed to emphasize college and career readiness expectations (CCR/CCSS). Students need to improve skills in critical and analytical thinking, social and oral communications, and multi-faceted research. Our goal is to improve student engagement (Domain 3c) by challenging students through the use of collaborations between Civics classes, using such vehicles as debates on current issues.

 Actions: Meetings were scheduled to plan the debates. Civics teachers and Library Media Specialists were included in all meetings. Current event topics were considered, discussed, and a ballot was developed for students to vote on the top three issues of choice. We involved the community by inviting two school board members to participate: one as a moderator, the other to discuss law and arguing cases in court. We also invited one of our Assistant Superintendents to serve as moderator. The Library Media Specialist and Library Assistant served as moderator/ time keeper. An instruction packet was created to inform students of the research schedule and debate format. The Library Media Specialists showed all classes library databases (EBSCOHost and Opposing Viewpoints) prior to their research. The teachers acted as facilitators. There was total student-to-student engagement in small group and whole-class planning and research. Debaters were elected by each of the classes, and non-debaters were given an evaluation form to complete during the debates. Post-debate discussions were held immediately following the debates with written reflections in classes and official results of the debates disclosed during this time.

Below is a brief video about this program in a "commerical"style. If the video quality is poor, click here.

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