Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Break For Spring Break

Our spring break begins this weekend. Recently, my co-workers were challenging me to disconnect from school during my days off. They actually dared me to not send Tweets or blog during my down time. The more I think about it, they are right. They see how active I am at work and in my off hours (connecting with other educators on social media on my own time). I suspect many of you are guilty of the same things.

Take A Break

Most every job in education is demanding. I think about the classroom teachers who are performing in front of students each day and the principals who are constantly problem solving even in their "off" hours. (People don't bring them their celebrations; most of the time they are brought issues to solve.) I also consider the bus drivers who get the kids to and from school and the counselors who are preparing to set up schedules for the upcoming school year. The list goes on and on. All of these school workers need to get away to rest and re-energize.

Do Things You Enjoy And Rest

It is important for all of us to disconnect from the daily grind and relax. This is vital for our personal health and well being. For me, relaxing helps the renewal of creativity. It is good to clear my mind of stressful dates and tasks. While on vacation, I love taking photos, playing music, and sleeping late for a change of pace. I hope you can choose some of your favorite distractions for your spring break and the upcoming weekends. 

For The Brave

If you are a brave 21st century connected educator, try turning off your devices when you have vacation time. Find those things you love to do and truly take a "break" for spring break. If you have already had spring break, make some time to disconnect each weekend!

I'm not sure I can totally shut off social media for my spring break, but I am going to disconnect for a large part of it. I'm choosing to do this not only for myself, but so that I can experience a renewal for those I serve. I'm glad my co-workers challenged me so that I can spread it to you.

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  1. Good luck with switching off! Enjoy your Spring break and I will see you on the other side 😃

    1. Switching off may be impossible! Lol I'm going to try, friend!