Saturday, January 13, 2018

Keeping Things In Focus

It is always exciting to return from a break and begin a new semester. One of the things I always try to do when I return is to create a list of goals for myself and the library program. To illustrate this, I want to share my current goals. Making such goals helps me keep myself in focus for those I serve.

Goals for this Semester
  • Read and preview more books:
I struggle to keep up with new YA fiction titles. One of the things that Kaitlyn Price (the co-librarian I work with here at Lakeside) and I have done each month is making a priority to handle each new book that comes in the library. We started a Google Doc to record the title and brief information about each title. This gives us a resource we can share with students and teachers. It also makes us review each title as they come into our collection. With all the activities going on in the library, it is so easy to get behind on this task. By doing this since fall, we have been able to book talk to students much more effectively. I don't want this practice to stop!
  • New collaborations
Our many immersive collaboration programs have grown over the years. This year we have let some of the old ones go and are planning new ones to replace them. It is good to change up the norm to get out of our comfort zones. I always worry about getting too comfortable and complacent. In order to grow, we have to keep pushing forward. In addition, I want to connect with teachers that haven't collaborated with us before. Science, mathematics, and business classes are all on our radar. Anything is possible as we move into a new semester and realizing this is exciting!
  • Visit administrators
I know there are missed opportunities to reach teachers by not talking with administrators often. This semester I want to reach out to administrators more. They are in high gear with their classroom evaluations and they know which teachers could benefit from library resources and/ or educational technology. While those teachers may not always accept such an offer, the opportunity is there to reach out to visit and inquire about their classroom needs. Any chance to visit with educators in the building and build relationships is good for all involved.
  • Visit teachers
Making the effort to visit teachers during their preparation periods has been a great new practice this school year. It has already made it possible for us to collaborate with teachers we have not worked with in the past. The practice has been transformative! I can't wait to continue this practice. We love going to visit and listen to teachers share their concerns and goals. There are always opportunities to offer library space, resources, and technology during such visits. Because of our schedules, we will never be able to get to everyone more than a few times this year, but it will continue to be our goal to reach as many as possible.
  • Vlog and/ or podcast
I started a YouTube channel several years ago called the Library Guyz. On the channel, we used to periodically make informative videos and promotional ads. Kaitlyn and I have been thinking of trying a video blog / vlog to informally share our weekly happenings, celebrations, and challenges. This is finally happening during the new semester. Take a look at our first vlog and see what you think? In addition, I may lift the audio and create a podcast after we try this for a few weeks. This will serve as another way for us to share and build community! We want to improve professionally and share what is happening in the library. We will keep you posted on our progress. Below is a link to our first vlog!

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  1. Love the vlog Stony and Katelyn. I am going to steal your idea about book recommendations. It’s a great idea and is a perfect way to show your students you care. Will be listening with interest to further posts!