Saturday, September 17, 2016

So Far In September 2016...

The first of the school year is always a wild experience full of change and excitement! August went by extremely fast, and now I'm trying to figure out where the first half of September has gone. I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on a few of the library events over the past few weeks. Each of these are programs we have hosted in previous years, but it is the first time we have attempted them in our new library spaces. I will also provide links to detailed blog articles we have written about the events in the past.

The Dust Bowl (Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse)

This is a collaboration we have done with 8th grade English classes since 2012. The program is designed to introduce students to the 1930s (and Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse) by immersing them in a variety of media from the era.

This year we featured four learning centers:

1. FDR Dust Bowl Speech (Audio File)

2. Woody Guthrie Dust Bowl Blues (Music Video)

3. Book Check Out/ Artifact Walk Through

4. Chow Tent
(Potato Casserole, Apple Dumpling Dessert, and Water)

Our students always enjoy this library collaboration. Be sure to read this full length blog article about the program. 

Arthur Miller's The Crucible

11th grade English students read The Crucible in class each year. This is the third year teachers have brought students to the library for a culminating courtroom event. The first day, students come in to create pilgrim style costumes from the era using bulletin board paper and patterns. Females created a bonnet and collar. Males created a vest with the paper. Before coming to the library, students received instruction about best courtroom practices from local lawyers. Each class learned to write appropriate opening and closing statements. After this preparation, classes actually held court in the library (based on The Crucible). For more information, read this previous blog post.

Makerspace During Lunch in the Library

We have had makerspace days in the library for over a year now. We had not held a makerspace program since moving into the renovated library facility this year. To introduce it to our learners this year, we decided to put all our makerspace items in a designated area of the library. We weren't sure how all the students would respond, so it was decided to put the various makerspace activities on tables in the library for lunch. The students loved it! There will be additional makerspace items purchased soon for this part of our library program! Currently, we have a 3D Printer station with Sketch Up Make & Makerbot Thingiverse/ Desktop, Jenga, Legos, coloring pages, 2 Spheros, and a deconstruction station (with old computers that students can disassemble).

Be sure to look at the other links embedded within this post for more information. I will be sharing resources for makerspace ideas and library collaborations in my upcoming newsletters. There are always library adventures to tell about and new things to learn together!

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