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How 6 Picture Frames Made A Difference In The School Library

How 6 Picture Frames Made A Difference In The School Library

Our two Lakeside High School library assistants, Mrs. Peggy Schaeffer and Mr. Ray Borel, have been posting photos of faculty, students, and administration as part of library services for many years. We have always noticed that people seem to enjoy looking at photos of people in our school.

Peggy enjoys using Photoshop to edit pictures that she will frequently turn into promotional posters. Ray likes to use PowerPoint to make his picture edits when he is preparing announcement slides to go out on our many digital screens in the building.

An example of PowerPoint slides used in school announcements

One of Peggy's posters done with Photoshop

We brought these practices full circle during the week we prepared to open our newly renovated library facility. LHS library media specialist, Mrs. Misti Bell, had the idea to purchase large frames to display photos of students in the library. We all decided this was a great idea! After we made a quick visit to Hobby Lobby to purchase six 24 x 36 frames, the project began to take shape. Our technology director, Mrs. Melinda Dodd, supplied us with an HP Plotter last year. This was the perfect tool for creating colorful photo posters of our students. We selected six photos representative of our school's diverse population and quickly mounted them on the walls for display!

We displayed three photos in our library "cafe" area
I asked several students to give us feedback on the photos. Here are some of their comments:

"The photos that Mrs. Bell put on the walls of the library are really awesome. When you walk in the sight of them (it) just makes you smile. It gives the library a nice feel to it." Anna L, 12th grade

"Photos of fellow students on the walls are a nice touch. It makes you feel that you yourself and all other students are welcome to the library at any time." Chase H, 8th grade

"These photos show students incorporating the library into their everyday life and also makes students feel comfortable to hang our with friends." Krystyna V, 9th grade

Three photos are displayed in the non-fiction room

Students, faculty, administration, and parents have loved the photos!

Future Possibilities:

Since our learning community has embraced this new concept, we want to continue using these frames in the months ahead. We have brainstormed changing out the photos each month and featuring different students each time. We have also thought about displaying library pictures of the seniors when they were in 8th and 9th grades! On an external hard drive, we have numerous archived photos from previous years. There are many possibilities! Please, consider displaying photos of your student patrons in the library. It is a great way to enhance the atmosphere.

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  1. Nice touch. Takes some effort, but obviously worth it!

    1. Thank you, friend. Our students seem to love it!

  2. Love it!! With the price of large screen digital displays coming down, I wonder if you could use to easily rotate pics.

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