Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reflecting on the AAIM Conference Day 3

I attended more great sessions today on the final day of the conference. I visited a session by Larry Wilson on video production. He showed great techniques for using a green screen (to put virtually anything you can imagine in the background of a video--- the same concept used with weather maps shown behind meteorologists on television). He encouraged library media specialists to embrace this technology!

Here is an example of a green screen setup (image from www.breezesys.com):

I really want to try this with our student led book talk videos (more on that later!). In the past we have interviewed students on the topic of their favorite book. This green screen technique would allow us to transform the student into the character (with a scene as the background) of the book! I see so much potential with this tool!

Larry also talked about the "quick shot" technique. This is where short video shots are made of the subject(s) then the shot is changed to a different view to keep the attention of the viewer. Now that I think about it, this is prevalent in television and movie camera shot techniques!

Larry mentioned using iMovie for video editing on a Mac. PC users should try Video Studio Pro by Corel or Camtasia Studio.

This an example of a student created news report parody using this technique!

Too many possibilities! Learning so many new things over the past 3 days has left me energized and ready to return to school and make a difference! I can't wait to explore these tools with students and teachers!

I'll talk about copyright and fair use on my next blog! I attended a great session by Dr. Michael Mills (University of Central Arkansas) that really shed some light on what we can and can't do with copyrighted material (as educators).

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