Wednesday, April 2, 2014

National Poetry Month Fun With Book Spine Poetry

April is National Poetry Month.

When I went to the high school for lunch duty (in the library), I noticed that my job partner (Misti Bell, LMS) and our assistant (Peggy Schaeffer) had been working on some great displays for National Poetry Month! My favorite displays contained "Book Spine Poetry". I had never heard of this and had to add it to the blog tonight. Book Spine Poetry is where you grab books and arrange the titles on the spine so that it is a type of poetry. Here are some of their examples today:

Peggy did this one and it was my favorite!

One of Misti's

I got motivated and did this one at the Junior High Library during second lunch.

Several students at LHS were making their own poetry by arranging books like this the entire 30 minutes of lunch! It was great to see them excited! Give it a try! I'm thinking about making a contest of this activity at the Junior High Library tomorrow during lunch.

I really must share some concepts I learned about on Copyright while attending the AAIM conference! I will add it to the next entry!


  1. I've seen this before, but had forgotten about it. Such a cool idea...I may just have to do my own. Hmmmm. Great post!

  2. I've used old books to create poetry by tearing out the pages. I'll try to send you a snapshot of one that I did as an example.
    You give a topic, and then circle words on the page to describe that topic. Then, draw a design around the words connecting them together. The students love to get to tear up books and be creative!