Sunday, October 7, 2018

An Easy Way To Share Stats

I'm always looking for ways to share our library statistics. I have used an annual report as a means of doing this for many years. I fear that an annual report may not be enough. During the summer months, administrators and library stakeholders may not have time to look over the report as they are preparing for a new school year. This year, I'm experimenting with posting our monthly statistic snapshots on social media. I've already posted for the months of August and September. I'm using the same format each month so it is very easy to read.

I decided to share our library circulations (including textbooks), our classroom technology support contacts since troubleshooting is a large responsibility for us in the library, collaboration programs, and reservations. We are reporting the statistics for the month and for the cumulative for the fiscal year (see the example to the left).

The monthly posts I make on Facebook and Instagram have several photos in addition to the statistics. I also share screenshots from our library circulation and textbook circulation reports.
Our technology troubleshooting report screenshot

I post a screenshot of the Google Form pie chart showing how many technology contacts Kaitlyn Price (Kaitlyn is the co-librarian at Lakeside High) and I have made in addition to the number of work orders we have pushed up to the district technology team.

An example of my Facebook post
It is my hope that administrators, school board members, teachers, and parents will see these statistics and get a snapshot of what we do each day in the library. Perhaps, this can also serve as a return on their investments to the library program. If it enhances their perspective and they see value in the services we offer in the library, our mission has been accomplished. Another goal is for this snapshot to remind teachers of the services we offer when they view it on Facebook and Instagram. Many of the teachers at my school follow me on Instagram and have friended me on Facebook. This is a wonderful way for them to see what is happening in the library.

I will continue this method of sharing statistics during the current school year. It will be interesting to see how it may impact our learning community. If you have successful ways of sharing your monthly or yearly statistics, please, post them in the comments below.

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