Friday, November 14, 2014

Tellagami app for iOS

This month's blog is authored by LHS Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Misti Bell

Tellagami is a popular app that our teachers are beginning to implement into their lessons.  This app allows you to create a gami; a gami is an avatar.  You make the decision for how you want your gami to look, act, and speak.  Tellagami is a free app; however, there is a paid version if you are looking for more variety for your gami. 

Book talks, reports, speeches, and presentations are just a few ways that Tellagami can be used in your classroom.  A student will be able to use his own voice to record what his gami will say.  Tellagami adds an innovative technology piece to the classroom, providing the student with a hands-on opportunity to create and then present the gami. 

A verbal book talk in front of the class with a detailed hand written outline is a method that we are all familiar and comfortable with; however, we, as educators need to integrate what our students are comfortable with as well…technology!  As stated in the November, 2014 issue of Edutopia, “ Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.”  Tellagami is just one way to do this!

Click here for our brief YouTube video about Tellagami!

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