Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Importance of Annual Reporting to Administrators

I will soon be starting my seventh year as a Library Media Specialist (LMS). One of the most important tasks I have tried to do each year of my experience is to provide an "End of Year Report" to school administration. It is crucial that school leadership receive something that reflects what happened in the library media center over the course of the academic year. School administrators are very accustomed to viewing student statistics and data during the summer months. When we share library circulation reports and statistics, we allow them see how many materials we have handled, the number of materials added, the number of items deleted, and how many days the library has been reserved. Reporting can truly give a small return on the financial investment districts have made in the library media center.

Click here for the current form of our annual report.

Each LMS should create a report that best suits the needs and expectations of their learning community. Our report covers the highlights of our most used services. It could also take a more thorough approach. Joyce Valenza has a wonderful annual report that should serve as a model to all of us in the profession. This link was recently forwarded to me by a colleague. We will look at her report this fall as a library staff and incorporate parts of it into our future reports. I really like the way Joyce covers the highlights of virtually every aspect of the library program! This is something we should all work toward. As you are all "recharging" over the summer months, consider making an annual report a priority for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year!

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